The Prison Of The United States Prison Essay

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From the Early 1940s through the present time there are more than 2.3 million American prisoners living behind the gated bars due to there criminal insanity. Prisoners are incarcerated from their heinous behaviors from minor offenses to serious murder cases therefore putting the damned in prisons as a welcome to punishment for them to stay within the confines of the four walls. As we continue to put prisoners behind the titanium steel bars this cost money and inflation of many federal requirements such as food, clothing, and a warm comfy bed that they can sleep all night, while they think about the beauty of their trophy they have done. My proposal is to purge all of the United States prison from the criminally prosecuted to execute and eradicate them from the walls within the prison. Doing this will alleviate the over crowdedness of the prison, reduce the cost and spending on prisoners who are condemned to death, and our hard earn tax payers money to be place in the needs of somewhere else rather than to care for the prisoners who did not care for the victims screaming for their pleading life. If criminals shed innocent blood we the Government shed their blood.
The intervention I will implement is that all the minor offense will be subjected to harsh labor condition such as the Japanese march walk of death. As these prisoners will feel the power of what the United State prison system really is, as a working labor force that will follow all command without questions ask. If…

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