The Principles And Underpinning Knowledge Of Aseptic Technique

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HSNS165 Written Assignment.
Describe the principles and underpinning knowledge of aseptic technique.
Asepsis as defined by Ingram and Murdoch (2009) is the state of being free or clean from pathogenic microorganisms in a specific area. The term aseptic technique relates to a set of precise procedures minimising the contamination of microorganism from one area to another (Ingram & Murdoch 2009). Asepsis then has the potential to be subdivided further into general or medical asepsis and surgical asepsis (Bloomfield and Pegram 2010). General aseptic field are required and carried out when a procedure incorporates such as key parts that require a non-touch technique and sterile gloves (Rowley, Clare, Macqueen & Molyneux 2010) A surgical aseptic technique requires longer period times and the key parts during the procedure are further exposed and much larger in comparison to general asepsis, an example: surgical procedure cesarean section (Rowley, Clare, Macqueen & Molyneux 2010). The relating technique is defined as aseptic non touch technique, is simply broken down to not touching the key parts related to the procedure in order to minimise the contamination of microorganisms (Rowley, Clare, Macqueen and Molyneux 2010).
The principles underlying aseptic technique are based on foundation of ten principles that follow clinical guidelines and competency based education as stated by Rowley and Clare (2011). The Principles follow a direct order from one to ten outlining risk of…

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