Essay about The Principle Of Three Act Structure

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The principle of three-act structure in the narrative, introduction-conflict-resolution, that coalesces around the foreign participants is tied to the original goal of the show participants’ journey, marriage, which functions as a blueprint for how the show filters race, gender, class between the First World and the other through practice of tolerance. Manifest are the conflicts between the couple themselves or between them and the American partners’ families, friends, and children. Most of the conflicts are described as brought by cultural differences or the concerns about ‘what if she (or he) is just using you’ (e.g., “I’m very very worried that you (Mohamed) end up scamming my mom.”- Danielle’s son, Corey; “She (Evelin)’s using him for her green card.”- Justin’s sister). As I examined in the previous section, since the cultural inferiority is inscribed importantly in the framework to look at the foreign characters, the cultural differences are also explained with their cultural inferiority. The culture and cultural differences are crucially employed in the show for the convention of reality television, which is exaggeration of the socially stigmatized issues for dramatic effect, without much consideration on politics (Bell-Jordan, 2008; Kraszewski, 2004; Park, 2009). In elucidation of conflicts, the cultural differences are blamed for most of conflicts and reinforced through repetitive and similar conflicts in other characters’ cases as well.
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