The Principle Concepts Which Zoroastrianism Essay

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Final Examination
1. Describe the principle concepts which Zoroastrianism is credited with contributing to Western Religions
Zoroastrianism was founded by a prophet Zoroaster who had a vision by high god Ahura Mazda, and reflects an outgoing, universal battle of Ahura Mazda, the good god, and Angra Mainyu, the evil spirit, between the truth and lie while human beings must decide which side they want to choose. Zoroastrianism contributes to Western Religions with eschatology, resurrection, and judgment day. Zoroastrians developed eschatology, the study of the last days, and influenced many others. They predict that world is going to end and on the last day Ahura Mazda will defeat evil, purify the whole world, will reign over it, and all people will enter new age – new world, that would be free of evil. Zoroastrian resurrection teaches, that at the end of the time, after Ahura Mazda defeats the evil, people will be risen from death and their sins would be burn away (The Religions Book 65). Zoroastrianism has two judgments, one after death and one at a Last Judgment, when people would be judged according to the morality of their actions and thoughts, and “moral failings [would be] punished in hell” (The Religions Book 65). The motifs of eschatology, resurrection, and judgment that Zoroastrianism teaches are apparently similar to the understanding of last days, resurrection, and judgment taught by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Moreover, Zoroastrianism brought angels to the…

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