The Pride Of Montresor

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Of the many flaws that all of humanity exhibits, pride is certainly among them. Pride can be defined as a high or ordinate opinion of one’s own dignity or importance. Though in most cases pride is considered inappropriate, there are some times when it is seen as normal or even acceptable to obtain pride. This kind of pride being “authentic pride” (Wubben, De Cramer, Van Dijk ). For example, when one secures a long awaited promotion in their job, or when a parent watches their son or daughter excel in an area for the first time--these are times when being prideful is seen as normal. However, there are certain situations in life when possessing pride is seen as distasteful or inappropriate. This kind of pride being “hubristic pride” (Wubben, …show more content…
Montresor is at a carnival where masks, costumes, and disguises are worn when another man, Fortunato, started to “insult” (226) him. The insulting does not go over well with Montresor, so he vows that he will seek revenge on Fortunato. In order to carry out his vow to get revenge, Montresor first acts innocent towards Fortunato by complimenting how well he looks and by calling Fortunato a “dear” and his “friend.” Along with the complimenting and endearments, Montresor also bluntly lies to Fortunato about purchasing an expensive wine, Amontillado, knowing how fond Fortunato is of alcohol. Montresor claims that he is going to see a man by the name of Luchesi to check the wine for him. Reacting exactly how Montresor hoped he would, Fortunato gets defensive and claims that he knows wine better than Luchesi. With that, the two head off to Montresor’s burial chamber where the wine purchased by Montresor supposedly is. What Fortunato does not know yet, is that Montresor is actually taking him to the chamber to murder him. Fortunato is completely oblivious to what is going on around him, making Montresor’s plan even easier. It can be inferred that Fortunato has some amount of trust in Montresor, or he would not agree to go to the damp and cold vaults just the two of them so easily. The irony in this situation stems from the fact that Montresor referred to Fortunato his ‘friend’. Obviously, this is not the

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