Essay on The Prevention Of Suicide Prevention

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How often is death discussed in society? Isn 't it a little easier to conceptualize a cheerful, exuberant life rather than assimilate the ghastly denouement of a permanent departure? Unfortunately, for some, this thought process is a constant, daily battle that the nation as equal human beings can not neglect any longer. Although there are many ways to prevent suicide, suicide prevention does not occur enough. One can not be uninvolved with suicide prevention. One can not be unaffiliated with suicide prevention. One can not be unconcerned with suicide prevention. But what one can do is broaden the prevention of suicide around the world, because one life saved, is one less life lost. Suicide prevention is an infamous subject, but the act of preventing it is not so prevalent. There are many noticeable signs of a potential suicide victim and it is the nation 's duty to salvage as many persons as it may, by chance, in some way, possibly save. The prominent way to reduce the tragic risk of suicide is to recognize the risk factors and to realize the warning signs (“Recognize the Warning Signs”). Suicide prevention starts with the victim and ends with a hero. These warning signs should be taken seriously. The country as an equal should speak up if one is worried or concerned and offer advice and support to these morose, pessimistic individuals. Although a suicidal individual might not inquire guidance or contentment, that does not mean that help is not necessary (“Suicide…

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