Informative Essay: The Role Of Suicide In Our Society

Since the beginning of history, people have been committing suicide all over the world. It has become one of the biggest social problems affecting all our lives one way or the other. However, it still remains one of many silent issues that nobody wants to discuss or focus on. In addition, there is absolutely little or no effort being done trying to prevent or stop people from committing suicide. Even though there is a lot of people out there that support the idea of suicide, they need to rethink about it and hopefully they realize that suicide is bad for everyone including the society, and people must think of why it happens and how to prevent it from happening? Suicide is simply defined as a self-delivered death; some people also define it …show more content…
Those people who need help don’t actually want to die; however, they want to stop the pain that they feel, and they want to put an end to whatever is hurting them. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to remind them that they can always beat the pain and the suffering that they feel. In addition, advising people to do whatever they love, or to speak up about the way they feel, or even to address the idea of suicide could be very helpful to save a life. In addition, some kind words or something simple like that makes all the difference in the world for someone that lost hope in the future. People should never wait until someone asks for help; instead if they feel like a friend or a family member is feeling a little down and starting to get depressed, they must reach out and give them a helping hand right away. Preventing suicide from happening is very important not only for those who are suffering from depression, but also for their family and friends and most importantly for society. People must wonder why the people who survive from suicide attempt do not repeat it again. People also must force the media and social network sites to interview people who attempted suicide before just to help or to send a message to whoever is out there thinking about suicide that they are not alone and there is always a way that they can get help. Media must also focus and address the topic more often, maybe in an educational way that teaches people that it’s all right to ask for help and it’s all right to get help. On the other hand, it’s never good to support whoever is committing suicide and it’s never good to encourage suicidal thoughts in general. People must always remember that there is always a way and an option instead of ending their

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