The Prevalence Of Low Birth Weight Essay

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Overall, of 103830 records 82534 mothers’ data were analyzed that were obtained from the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Certificate of Live Birth. Descriptive results of maternal and birth characteristics are shown in Table 1. Approximately, 57% of the mothers were white, 33% black, 7% Asian, and 3.6% other ethnicities, respectively. 29% of the maternal age at delivery was between 20-24 years old, 22% was between 25-29 years old, 19% was between 30-34 years old, 14% was between 19 years and younger, 11% was between 35-39 years old, and 4% was between 40 years and older, respectively. The number of low birth weight babies (< 2500 g) from mothers who smoked and non-smoked were 1359 (1.6%) and 81144 (98.3%), respectively. 16 % of mothers who smoked (n=5544) gave low birth weight babies. 5.4% of low birth weight babies had mothers smoked between 10-14 cigarettes per day.
The prevalence of low birth weight by different characteristics of mothers and births is shown in Table 2. The higher prevalence of low birth weight was among black women, which was 2.70% (95% CI 2.45-2.95) and lowest prevalence of low birth weight babies were among white women, which were 1.30% (95% CI 1.21-1.39). The youngest age group (19 and younger) showed the highest prevalence of low birth weight babies, which were 2.80% (95% CI 42-3.18). Mothers who smoked had 4% (95% CI 3.48, 4.52) of the prevalence of low birth weight babies. Mothers who smoked 15-19 cigarettes per day had the higher prevalence of low…

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