The Presidential Election Of 1912 Essay

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With the upcoming presidential election of 1912 looming closer and closer, campaigning has recently been coming to a head. Presidential nominee Woodrow Wilson has been gaining local support spreading through many of the mid-western states with his stance on tariffs. This hotly debated issue has created a lot of controversy but Wilson continues to hold strong to his belief that tariffs should be lowered. To help compensate for expected losses, Wilson also strongly believes that a federal income tax should be established. As part of his platform speech Wilson said "We declare it to the fundamental principle of the Democratic party that the Federal government, under the Constitution, has no right or power to impose or collect tariff duties, except for the purpose of revenue, and we demand that the collection of such taxes shall be limited to the necessities of government honestly and economically administered." (Democratic Party). Those of us who are small town business owners, must now band together in support for Woodrow Wilson.
Born in Virginia in the year 1856, Woodrow Wilson was raised with a strong sense of moral right and wrong. For his education he became a student at Princeton College. While there Wilson developed his skills as a great debater and speaker so he decided to begin a career in politics. However after a few years, Wilson decided to give up politics and began teaching, after earning his Ph. D. from Johns Hopkins in 1886. Beginning his career as a history…

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