The Presidential Election : Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump

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The three remaining candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election are Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders career started when he was elected in 1981, he has served as an elected official for 34 years and still continues to serve. Hillary Clinton was elected in 2001 and stepped down from an elected position in 2001, she has served a total of 8 years. As, for Donald Trump he has never held an elective office. Bernie has served as a United States Senate, House of Representative, Major of Burlington, Governor of Vermont and has been a candidate for both the House of Representative and Senate. Hillary was the First Lady, First Lady of Arkansas, United States Secretary of State, Senator and was a candidate for the United States President. Here are the issues that I will focus on for each candidate Immigration, Taxes, Gun Policy, Abortion, jobs, and Education. Bernie has a six step that he will take towards Education, he wants to make tuition free in public college and universities, drop interest rate for student loans, Under the Sanders plan students be will be able to refinance their loans, make work study programs, and to stop the government from making a profit on student loans and full pay by imposing taxes on Wall Street Speculators. Hillary wants to make high-quality education to every child in America and make sure students with disabilities have the resources and support they need in school. She will create a New College Compact that will…

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