The President Of The United States Essay

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In the United States of America our founding fathers decided that our developing country should be ran by one man chosen by the people, and they called that man the President. The President would be one that would lead the country to prosperity in all aspects. This can range from making new policies that help the American people to keeping American soil safe from foreign enemies with foreign affairs. Throughout the history of the United States there have been 44 men that have made major impacts on the lives of the American people, and the safety of the country overall. While all of these men have left their mark in American history there have been a few that have exemplified the traits and qualities that make a President great. These men not only embody those traits, but they put them to practice in their presidency. This ultimately makes them leave behind a legacy that is talked about and revered as great for generations to come. To begin talking about which President is the best at truly illustrating what a great president is and how they did it, there must be a definition of what presidential greatness actually is. There are many things that a President can do during their terms in office that can have a huge impact on the status of America. Many of these decisions have shaped America into the country that it is, and if it were not for these decisions American could be vastly different. One of these major events of a presidential term could be the starting or finishing…

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