The President Of The First Black President Essay

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Politically, America has had several different things occur in the last decade that has changed America forever. Almost as pivotal as a civil rights movement are the policies that have been passed in the 21st century. United States policy has been kind of controversial over the last
15 years. On several of the legislations made the congress and the US as a whole have been split right down the middle. Other than the different policies made during this time the presidency experienced a very dramatic event, the election of the first black president. This was a huge step forward for the black population in America as well as civil rights progress and the progress of minorities in general. Barack Hussein Obama became the first black president after a groundbreaking election in 2008. This was what Martin Luther King’s efforts provided a stepping stone towards, total equality of races in America. This is a challenge for America to overcome because when it comes down to it there have been wars that were fought where one of the main reasons for the fighting was racism. Also, America was not very tolerant of minorities until the civil rights movement which in actuality was not that long ago. There are still very many racist groups in America as well as small minorities that feel they do not have all of their rights. A black president helps to reassure the United States and its citizens that minorities do have all of their rights and are a major part of society here. A policy that…

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