Essay about The President Is The Most Fundamental Individual

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The president is arguably the most fundamental individual in The United States, both domestically and internationally. As the lone figure to represent the nation, with such an immense amount of authority, the president has a remarkable deal of importance. Even common citizens should take notice to the probable candidates in advance to the election. Currently, Democratic control of the White House is just about the only restraint on the Republican Party’s dominance. This year’s leading presidential candidate isn’t a former senator, or governor. He has never held a political position, or has even been formally educated in politics (Richman, 2015). This year’s leading candidate is Donald Trump. The same man whose business success, celebrity appeal, and outspoken manner has stormed the nation. But should the president of the United States truly be one who has no experience within the politics specter, and should citizens care? The presidency shouldn’t be taken jokingly. The presidential election matters and it matters enormously.
I personally assumed that even if Trump did run, his reality show exploits and scandalous sensibilities would make him a throw-out amongst other formal candidates. His previous unacceptable behaviors towards high ranking politicians, such as demanding for President Obama’s birth certificate, would surely make him an outsider. However, after Trump actually declared that he would partake in the run for president, the appreciative masses and rising poll…

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