Essay about The Presidency Of The United States

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Running a whole nation is not an easy job to do, especially as a president. The president is unable to stay updated with all of the issues in the United States, yet the president receives help from people of his own party and those he appoints to take care of specific problems he cannot address directly. There are times in which Congress works with him, yet there are times in which they oppose his policies. The Republican Party also gives Obama a hard time at times. However, it is the president’s decision to create policies that secure the future of the nation. The presidency is by far the most complicated task, however having a structured agenda facilitates the workload and keeps the citizens satisfied. Immigration, healthcare, and war are issues that require the President to negotiate with Congress to reach an agreement that will benefit everyone.
There are many challenges that a newly elected president faces when elected. If I won the Presidency of the United States in the 2016 elections, I would have a difficult time especially since I would be the first woman president of the United States. The U.S. has always been controlled by men and never by a woman. Therefore, I need to build a trust within my nation and follow a well-structured agenda. I first need to analyze all the political and institutional problems that Obama has left for me to continue before I begin on my policy goals and agenda. Obama created a new policy that is going to make me take greater action; his…

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