The Pregnancy Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Although there has been significant progress over the last few years in the United States regarding the rate of teenage pregnancy, it is still a huge ongoing problem that needs to be resolved. Unprotected sex frequently leads to serious health concerns and consequences because schools are not educating young people, who are most affected by this issue. To resolve this on-going issue of risky sexual behaviors, programs are being implemented in high schools to provide students with information about how to be safe while engaging in sexual activity and how to avoid STIs and unintended pregnancies.

Unprotected sex is defined as having vaginal, anal, or oral sex without using a condom (AVERT, 2015). It is becoming an increasingly common health concern and often times leads to serious consequences such as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancies. Male latex condoms are currently the only contraceptive method that works efficiently to prevent STIs and pregnancies, but only when they are used correctly. When using a male condom is not an option, female condoms can be used; however, the female condom has not had as much success in preventing the transmission of sexual infections as the male condom has. While no method of contraception is entirely safe, male latex condoms appear to be the most reliable source of protection against STIs and prevention of unintended pregnancies (Our Sexuality).
Sexually transmitted infections currently affect…

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