The Prayer Point Of Faith And Religion Essay

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Faith is defined as a “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.”, according to Google. All religions focus on providing answers to some of life’s most fundamental questions, like Why are we here?, Who am I?, Where will I go after death?, and more. In learning about the faiths and their answers to these age old questions, I have come to terms that there are certain aspects that pertain to all of the faiths and some that do not. This report will cover the anchor point of faith and religion, what nurtures a faith and religion, what I found appealing about the faiths, and what I found unappealing about the faiths. The Five Faiths
Through studying the five major faiths of the world, I have come to the understanding that they are all very different. Where some are by the book, others are up for interpretation. In ways, though, the faiths are similar. In relation to the lotus flower, they share the same root and stem, but they grow in different soil and produce flowers of varied colours.

The Anchor Point of Religion
The Root
Debated by many, fear is often associated with being the basis of religion. I believe that this thinking is true. Fear is a natural human emotion which is present in all of us. Naturally, we try to find a way to combat or cover up our fears, and religion does just that. Religion provides an avenue for one to hold the idea that there is something after death, something to look…

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