The Practice Of Prenatal Genetic Testing Essay

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The practice of prenatal genetic testing, although becoming commonplace, has been put at the center of the abortion debate in the United States. Doctors should only perform prenatal genetic testing in rare cases and very sparingly in order to protect the lives of the unborn whose genome sequence may deviate from what is considered genetically ¨normal¨. Although ¨testing and abortion are not synonymous¨ (Rebouché and Rothenberg 993) these two have begun to form a clear connection in a world where abortion is now acceptable. While prenatal genetic testing makes improvements every year, there still is a risk of harming the unborn, yet living child. Not only can testing bring harm to the child, it may also lead to the parent´s decision to terminate a pregnancy whose gene´s are wrongly diagnosed because ¨no one knows what 90 percent of genes in a human genome do¨ (Shurkin). There is room for human error which could wrongly lead to the death of an innocent child. Rather than just testing for a certain disease while the baby is in utero, scientists have now been able to perform ¨prenatal whole genome sequencing¨ (Shurkin). Whole genome sequences show every gene and chromosome contained within the fetus. This will allow parents to see everything that makes up the DNA of the child and even with the possibility of ¨what will happen during the teenage and adult years¨ (Shurkin). Every parent has the idea of their dream child, what happens when whole genome sequencing shows that their…

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