The Practice Of Good Governance Essay

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1. Introduction
The practice of good governance is pertinent to ensure that positive business performances are realised. The governance roles of boards can directly impact the success of an organisation. Each organisation is unique in aspiration and goals, and there are notably many different styles of boards, which are associated with the design of a particular organisation. Whilst what classifies as good governance remains largely contested, there is ample evidence to suggest that operational performance is correlated with the role of governance within an organisation. Irrespective of the organisation and its goals, the role of the board is pivotal to help achieving business success. One such model of governance, which this paper focuses on, is the Tricker’s model for governance. This model encapsulates the main roles of boards for different organisations. The purpose of this paper is to review Tricker’s governance model and to discuss how it may be of assistance to non-profit organisations. This paper begins by a definition of non-profit organisations and governance.
2. Non-profit Organisation and governance
Non-profit organisations or non-profit corporate entities are organisations that offer varied services. Similar to other organisations, non-profit organisations adhere to strategies to help realise business missions and goals (Wells, 2012). Non-profit organisations are typically governed by the articles of association, which define the responsibilities of actors and…

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