The Power Of Women In Homer's The Odyssey

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In Homer's the Odyssey, the authors speak with certain regard, to women controlling men and holding the keys to mainly hood. This is surprising because in ancient Greece times women were regarded to as nothing and men were powerful figures in society. Homer gives all the power in The Odyssey to Athena and more importantly a woman, this is also big because it goes against the societal normals in ancient Greece.
A persistent motive in The Odyssey is women controlling men. On Calypso's island, Odysseus was “forced” into having sex with Calypso for ten years. Odysseus is a lustful creature because he was willing to have sex with Calypso on the last night. Homer describes the nights on calypso's as, “[Odysseus] lay with her each night, for she
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Athena got Odysseus off of Calypso’s island, with the help of Zeus who she manipulated. Kirkie helps Odysseus stay alive on his voyages, for example, she gave Odysseus special instructions to stay away from Charybdis. Kirkie warns Odysseus by telling him “If you come upon [Charybdis] then the god who makes earth tremble could not save you. No, hug the cliff of Skylla, take your through on a racing stroke” (12 221-226). Yet for a man who is proclaimed to be the master of land ways and seaways, one would think that he wouldn't need as much help. Athena had to put spells on Odysseus to make him handsome because he was too ugly to attract Nausicaa and her maids with his regular looks. Finally, Athena stopped a war from breaking out on Ithica by warning Odysseus to stand down and have peace instead of …show more content…
In ancient Greece, it was a societal normality for men to have sex with women other than their wifes at some point. Yet, Odysseus sleeps with Calypso for ten years and Kirkie for one year. That is much more than usual, which would suggest that Calypso and Kirkie were controlling Odysseus and manipulating him to get what they want. Odysseus men were also being controlled by Kirkie. She turned some of Odysseus’s men into pigs. Kirkie did this by “prepared a meal of cheese and barley and amber honey mixed with pramnian….with her long stick and shut them in a pigsty–bodies, voices, heads, and bristles, all swinish now” (10 257-259 263-266). This is an example of women being in complete control of

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