The Power Of Speech By Gorgias Essay

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The Power Of Speech
“He told me to do it!” Speech is a very influential factor when persuading someone. Gorgias, a famous sophist thought that all language incorporated a persuasive aspect. Gorgias believed that the truth can be created by rhetoric. According to Gorgias speech is extremely powerful and it can be the cause of destruction.
Encomium Of Helen Gorgias wrote the Encomium of Helen. In the Encomium of Helen Gorgias defended Helen and gave reasons as to why she should not be blamed for starting the Trojan War. According to Gorgias, Helen could have been justified on three bases. Helen could have fallen in love, persuaded by speech, or been moved by a divine constraint.
Falling In Love
According to Gorgias, Helen should not be blamed for starting the war because she was in love. Alexander has a natural desire to have love. It is innate, something that is hardwired into us. “If, being a god, love has the divine power of the gods, how could the lesser being reject and refuse it” (Bizzell, 2001, p. 46). Gorgias gave a comparison of power, between gods and the lesser. In the comparison, Gorgias contrast the ability to control love. That leads to the question of how someone could escape love, if it possesses so much power. If love has the same power as the gods, the lesser can be ruled by love.
The same way Gorgias explains the power of love is still relevant to today’s world. In today’s society love is stilled viewed as a powerful feeling. Love can make a…

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