Ethos Pathos And Logos In The Declaration Of Independence Rhetoric

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Any piece of persuasive writing requires the establishment of credibility for the author 's point of view. Thomas Jefferson, and Dr. Martin Luther King jr, generally used some combination of reasoning, evidence, personal experience, and allusions to produce authority. Which refer to Rhetorical Analysis for example ethos, pathos, and logos. King and Jefferson writings is extremely effective upon the audience are referring to. They both used the Rhetorical appeals that reveal specific ways that each of them used the strategy appropriate enough to a specific way in order to get their messages across to their audience.

In “The Declaration of Independence” by Thomas Jefferson. Which is one of his famous piece of writing. He has made his position
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Which he use to get people attention because it 's reveales to the people emotion . In the “Declaration Independence” it 's state that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” (492). I strongly believe this quote tend to be the most outstanding and power quote through The Declaration. Jefferson speaking to his audience saying that ”all men are created equal” many of his audience might actually don 't think that 's accurate. But the belief, it that all men have the inherent right to Life, Liberty and Happiness, a such statement would evoke an emotional response his audience, because he touch on the audience feeling. The audience sort of thinking deeply in the inside, asking the question how they feel if those three were taking away from them? Jefferson once again bring another strong connection with the audience, using pathos which had to do with …show more content…
He state that "I have the honor of serving as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, an organization operating in every Southern state, with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia." He establishe his authority by comparing himself to no less of a person than the Apostle Paul, and refers to Socrates as a model, showing he is an educated man, willing to prove what is right and wrong. This is an effective way of King trying his to convince his audience because he is showing himself to be a good leader by stand up for his people. Another ethical appeal he use in his writing is his personal life. He uses his family background that relate to the fact that his family take their religious faith very serious. Which give him a higher authority, he also knowledge God in his willing. For example in he state that “I am in the rather unique position of being the son, the grandson, and the great-grandson of preachers”(512). This shows a way of King using God as away to persuade his audience and gaining a strong connection. We can refer back to Jefferson writing he also mentioned “God” in his writing, this proves our these two leader have such thing in

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