Essay on The Power Of Selfie Bring Us Together

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The power of selfie bring us together
The definition of selfie is the capture of yourself in a photo that you took and shared to the social media. In this case this selfie had been shared to the media but instead of only one person they are three. That made this selfie a little different from the majority of them. However, they took it a step further. They recognize was an experience that they shared together, and not was appropriate to leave out important people that contribute to that moment. Important people that can make the different of how the world is going to see the selfie. Selfies is a form of communication that have the power to make the world predict the information we retain8 and incorporate from those image, making the audience in some 9way to be influence or manipulate by our form of expression.
This image show three young adult in which one of them is a girl who is in the middle of the men’s between the ages of 20-26 that we can probably predict are in college. They are aware that one of them is taking a selfie in a particular distance for the others can appear in the photo because there aye are looking to the same direction of the camera. One of the men and the lady has a big smile in their face, but the other men has more like a serious face without the smile the other two maintain in the picture. Although he don’t smile in the pictures doesn’t look like he is in a bad mood or on any problem with their partner. He look normal like is the way he take…

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