The Poverty Walk Essay

1363 Words Nov 15th, 2016 6 Pages
The Poverty Walk was 3 consecutive days. It began when you woke up that morning and lasted until Midnight on the third day. This experience was to occur within the context of my daily life. This was a project that wanted you to experiences poverty and know what it is like to not have much.
My expectations going into this assignment was I had to take it serious, I would hear the professor talk about this project in the beginning of the semester I would say to myself, I got this it shouldn’t be too bad, nope once I read them instructions that were required for this assignment, especially the fact that I could only spend $3.50 for food and .50 for transportation. Did I think it was going easy, not really, but I just didn’t put too much thought into it. to be My reaction to the inconvenience was more high then the uncomfortable, it was inconvenient because it was difficult not to spend more than the amount that was given for this assignment. It was inconvenient because I was hungry mainly through the day. It was inconvenient because I had to change my daily routine.
I did experience life from the perspective of someone poor, the experience wasn’t having drastic as someone who was really poor, but I did learn something from this project and how you should appreciate what you have in life because others would love to be in your shoes. I would ask myself, how do homeless people do this? How do they sleep outside, how do they not shower and feel…

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