The Potential Use Of Police Worn Body Cameras Essay

2275 Words Mar 13th, 2015 null Page
The potential use of police-worn body cameras has recently been an intense topic of discussion in Congress. With President Obama requesting $263 million (Dann and Rafferty) to fund the use of the equipment throughout U.S. police departments, many people are left wondering if they are worth the money. The small devices are meant to be worn by on-duty police officers to record their encounters. Is incorporating police-worn recording devices an excessive tactic in law enforcement or is it truly necessary? This is the question Congress has been dealing with recently. Due to and recent and further past events, there seems to be a need for more evidence, accountability, and protection within our court system and law enforcement. Lack of better evidence and accountability from both police and civilians have left police and civilians feeling that they have been mistreated by each other and by courts. In order to protect civilians and police officers from brutality, lawsuits, and further danger, all police officers should wear working body cameras during encounters with civilians.
One benefit caused by body cameras is that they will improve the behaviors and attitudes of police officers during shifts and decreased possible brutality. This idea was tested by USA Today reporter, who wore a body camera himself every day for several months. He reports that wearing the body camera made him more cautious while driving, nicer to his coworkers, and perform all of his duties with top effort…

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