SAP: Finance Case Study

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This paper will discuss the potential benefits of one or more of the solutions for finance that are available by SAP. For each solution, these benefits will be analyzed and I will determine if I agree with the procedures and explain why or why not. Lastly, information from the previous assignment will be used and a determination whether or not this enterprise module will be useful to my organization.
First, before we can get into evaluating the solutions that are provided by SAP for the finance department, we must understand the roles of finance in any business. The finance department is responsible for many roles in an organization. The finance department is responsible for maintaining a budget, making budget cuts and preparing the budget for the next fiscal year before spending any money. They must manage finances and investments. The finance department is also responsible for ensuring that a company pays their taxes on time to keep good standing with the government. Managing financial risks and work with the marketing department to make decisions in relation to merging and the acquisition of other companies (Kumar, V., 2010). The finance
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Their integrated software helps the customer create portfolios for lease management, monitor costs and revenue, ensures safe environments for tenants and workers, and integrates project management and investment planning and construction. They also maintain maintenance and repair requests and space management (Real Estate., (n.d.). In my opinion, this is also an excellent solution. When you are attempting to manage several properties, it is very difficult to meet the needs of your multiple tenants. As a single person or company, this can be overwhelming and lead to the delay of services to the customers. The Real Estate Management solution will alleviate all the stress that comes with managing multiples properties and investing in new

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