The Possibility Of A Zombie Outbreak Essay

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The Possibility of a Zombie Outbreak Knowing that zombies are just fiction and the possibility of a zombie outbreak happening is impossible. Zombies are nothing more than pier fiction in comic books, TV shows and video games. That a zombie is just a character thought up with our minds and is used to create fear and entertainment for ourselves. But is there a possibility of zombie virus, which already exists in the world. Ker Than, for National Geographic News discuses in his article “Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?” discusses how the rabies virus is very similar to what we would consider a zombie virus. He discusses that if we mutated the rabies virus we could end up with an actual zombie virus on our hands. For us to mutate the virus we would need to borrow traits from others diseases to make it possible. In national Geographic online article “Influenza kill cold” discus’s human influenza is a strong enough virus to wipe out population of fifty million. What makes the influenza disease such a deadly disease was that it was air born. It could also be contracted through other ways mucus, coughing and saliva. What these two articles have in common are that these viruses have a lot in common with a zombie virus. In this paper I will discuss viruses that are similar to a zombie virus. That the possibility of zombie outbreak is probable but not entirely possible. The zombie code could possibly live in today’s lethal viruses that could contain tomorrows Zombie…

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