The Positive Effects Of Global Warming And The Environment

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As much as global warming is damaging the planet and the lives of many living species, many scientists do not believe that the warming is actually happening. Scientists look at analysis that is made from global warming believers and produce their own conclusion. Those opposing scientists “hold to a strict definition of global warming as being defined as a rise in atmospheric temperature, they do not consider the atmospheric precursors as valid evidence.” (Conserve Energy Future), meaning they do not believe in global warming as being dangerous for the planet. First, these scientists think global warming is not real because there has not been global warming since 1997. There has been an increase in the temperatures from 1975 till 1997; after …show more content…
For the future, if ocean and land temperatures increase, it will be hard to be able to survive on Earth. Agriculture mostly depends on carbon dioxide and water supplies, and climate change will most likely cause floods or droughts, which will cause plantations to be a very hard process. During global warming, health will definitely be affecting in a lot of different ways. Sudden, unusual changes to the climate are very dangerous to mankind: “Extreme weather events could ‘play a more significant role than even the warming itself in creating conditions conducive to outbreaks of disease,’ says Dr Paul Epstein” (Agnew), implying that diseases will spread more because of the effect the warming will have on land and the atmosphere. Not only physical health will be effect but also mental health: “Hot weather has been linked to increased aggression, violence and higher rates of suicide - and, some caution, global warming may make matters worse” (Leung), implying that the heat caused by global warming makes people violent, unstable, and brings out the worst in them. As global warming is happening, sea-level will rise; seawater is getting mixed with freshwater causing pollution to occur. Another negative effect from global warming is the polar regions melting away. As the ocean temperatures rise, it impacts the ice at the poles, as “ocean warming melts the ice far more quickly than increasing air temperatures.” (Thomson), meaning the ice melting does not occur on its own; the ocean helps speed up the process because of the increase in heat. Melting glaciers will affect drinking water as well as agriculture because the melted ice will affect the regrowth cycle. Ice sheets and glaciers will be lost forever due to the heat, which leads to animals living in the polar regions to vanish or swim in the ocean for the days to find a

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