The Positive Effects Of Communication: The Power Of Nonverbal Communication

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Before getting into the believability and trustworthiness of nonverbal communication. Let us take a look into the negative aspects of how nonverbal communication might be used to wrong others, as well as how those negative aspects might affect different areas of our life. In his novel The Power of Nonverbal Communication How You Act is More Important than what you Say, Henry Calero says, “There’s a downside to working with nonverbal communication, though. A lot of people who purport to be experts in nonverbal communication confuse it with various metaphysical and supernatural beliefs” (Calero, pg. 280). Neuro-linguistic programming also known as NLP, is defined as a way in which we communicate with ourselves. As it might already be known, …show more content…
Nonverbal communication when it comes down to it ca)n create conflict, sharing secrets and receiving a look of disapproval. It might also cause discomfort, not everyone likes being so close to each other. Then there are the positive effects of nonverbal communication in a relationship. Those positive effects would include a feeling of closeness, where a smile can bring people together and create a bonding period. It can also create an enhanced understanding between two people, be it an emotional understanding or just a general understanding that can bring two people …show more content…
There are many ways in which one, or even couples, can better improve their interpretation of nonverbal communication. A strategy for checking the accuracy of our interpretation of another person’s nonverbal behavior is perception checking, which helps people to understand others better. Perception checking refers to getting answers to questions. An example of perception checking is when met with silence acquired by a statement made, rather than assuming the worst like the person is upset. You ask questions about the silence, the person might in fact just be in shock instead of being upset.
Other methods that would help improve nonverbal communication amongst people, especially in terms of relationships, would be to keep constant eye contact when talking to them. Keep in mind that your posture speaks to the conversation as well. If a person is slouching in the midst of a conversation it can convey a message that they are experiencing some sort of boredom and disinterest in the

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