The Positive Attitude Towards People With Disabilities Essay

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Assessment 1
Throughout our lives we will come across people who will challenge our existing ideas and beliefs on certain topics or people. It is important that as human beings we understand that every person, regardless of their abilities or disabilities should be entitled to access the same things in life. For the purpose of this essay I will be discussing the attitudes I have towards people with disabilities, common attitudes that society has on people with disabilities, how they originated and how partaking in this unit has changed my ideas and beliefs.
As humans, we tend to form an idea of someone and place a value on them based on the attitudes that our friends, family, media or that of our own experiences have taught us. Throughout my life I have been able to form a positive attitude towards people with disabilities due to my own experiences with mental health and having an immediate family member paralysed from the age of 21. Prior to these experiences, I could say that I was only sympathetic towards people with disabilities, but this was because my knowledge was limited. Through research and the weekly tutorials, it is evident that many general members of society feel as I once did towards people with disabilities. The disability Studies and Research Centre in the University of New South Wales conducted a research to find the attitudes of the community towards people with disabilities; it found that more people are uncomfortable with mental illness than what they…

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