Essay The Portrayal Of Inter Racial Sex

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Within the American culture, sexual desire between races is regarded a highly problematic issue. In addition, for many societies, there are gender roles that are ascribed for males and females. For many years, Americans have expurgated sexual associations between blacks and whites because this has been regarded as a taboo. The portrayal of inter-racial sex is thorough in Hollywood stories that represent debates surrounding the questions of race and sex. Candyman is a movie produced in 1992 that calls upon conservative cultural structure of sexuality and race. This paper argues that Candyman is about race, sexuality and gender differences and boundaries that should not be crossed.
The self-perpetuation in myths and legends makes them powerful, and people believe in them because they are in their minds. Candyman is powerful because people believe in his existence and even fear him. He represents the manner in which slavery and racism is reproduced in a monster that is continuously haunting Americans despite their race. The movie Candyman is embedded in reality as it links the supernatural to the current race associations of Americans. Although race is an aspect that people might want to ignore, Candyman symbolizes the reality in race especially in inter-racial sexuality (Briefel and Sianne 73). Candyman is a black man, who represents black male’s fear through his aggression and sexual desire for the while female. His tragic narrative starts upon…

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