The Population Of English Language Learners Essay

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The article focuses on the population of English language learners who also speak Spanish. The concept being researched in the study is language screening that is used for children that have not yet entered the kindergarten. With the increase in bilingual population, there is a need for an accurate screener that is appropriate for Spanish-English speakers and could detect possible language impairments (LI). Through the use of the Bilingual English Spanish Oral Screener (BESOS), researchers hope to properly screen school age children who are Spanish-English speakers prior to their entrance into the first grade.
Furthermore, the study focuses on an assessment known as a screening. A screening is a simple tests that has a pass or fail component. If the child were to pass the screening, the child would not need any further assessment and is considered typically developing. On the contrary, if the child were to fail the screening, the child will then be referred for a more in-depth assessment that will identify if the child suffers from any language or speech impairment. The study recommends that the screening be done prior to the child entering preschool to avoid any problems in the child’s academic career. Evidently, the only current screening assessment that is available for Spanish speakers is the Preschool Language Scales Spanish Screening Test – 5th Edition (PLSSST-5) (Lugo-Neris, Peña, Bedore, & Gillam, 2015). The PLSSST-5 tends to analyze the child’s semantic skills…

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