The Popular Sport Of America Essay

1130 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
What is the most popular sport in America? The answer is not what we call America’s pastime, baseball. Or the sport which states it has the greatest athletes in the world, basketball. The most popular sport in America is Football and to most it looks like a lot of fun. Millions of fans watch football every fall weekend from August to February. The truth is that it’s a very dangerous sport. It’s rooted with violence and physical aggression. Bigger, Faster, stronger, we train youngsters from their youth to succeed in this game. Football is geared toward physical domination, get your opponent before he gets you. Tackling, hitting or by any means necessary take them out before they take you out. Players break bones, may rupture internal organs, concussions and occasionally kills. Is the game worth the price? Is a human life worth less than monetary gain or entertainment? The answer would be NO. Football is far too dangerous to take that chance on the quality of life or life itself. First of all, football at all levels is far too dangerous to be played and in my opinion not worth the risk. Many start playing tackle football at the age of 5 or 6 years old, before their bones and brains are full developed. “Currently, an estimated 2.8 million children play in youth leagues” (604). The game has evolved in many ways over the course of time, both for the good and the demise of football. Pop Warner for example, “has made some changes, including limiting contact drills to…

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