The Politics Of The House Essay

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It is surprising that Tonko does not hold any party positions because he has been in the House for a relatively long time and there is no indication that he will be voted out of his seat anytime soon. The Republicans are currently in control of the House, so Representative Tonko would not be able to hold any majority positions, but it is surprising that he does not hold any minority party positions for the Democrats. One explanation for his lack of prestigious positions is that although he is a relatively safe incumbent, party leaders typically have a much safer seat and have been serving for more time than Tonko has. The safest members who are sure to return to the next Congress are most likely to hold party positions, but it will be interesting to see if Tonko holds any position other than member and ranking member throughout the rest of his tenure in office.
Moreover, there appears to be a prominent and evident connection between PAC contributions (discussed in Campaign Contributions & PAC Connections to the District) and Tonko’s committee and subcommittee assignments. General Electric has remained his top PAC contributor for the duration of his tenure in the House. Tonko should and presumably will continue to vote and take action that supports and is in the best interests of GE in order to continue receiving money and votes from GE employees and connections. Furthermore, the Carlyle Group, a company focused on investments, commerce, and acquiring wealth and assets is…

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