The Politics Of Saudi Arabia Essay

753 Words Dec 19th, 2015 4 Pages
I am living in a critical time in Saudi Arabia, a time that going through many changes in the Saudi society and culture. When I was growing up, it was not acceptable to doubt or question authority figures. People used to take whatever the government is saying as the only truth there is. I believe that it was a result of the education system in Saudi Arabia. The education system did not encourage the students to critically think and discuss simple matter as poetry, let alone current events that occupy the public opinion. The education system was a system that gave information as the only truth and the students were just receiving it. As a result, People feared questioning the government and their actions. However, I see that the fear is beginning to disappear as a result of social media, which made it possible for Saudis to share their opinions. When people started sharing their believes and opinions, there were unmistakable similarities. People disliked the feeling of being manipulated by those who have the power, manipulated by using the media, and religious figures. In the past couple of days, Saudis have been making fun of the Minister of Housing for a press release he made, in which he blamed the peoples’ way of thinking and said, it is the cause of the housing issue in Saudi Arabia. In the past, no one could ever criticize the performance of government to a stranger, let alone making fun out of it. I am proud of the change. The society in Saudi Arabia is divided, and…

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