Essay on The Politics Of Politics And Politics

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“Becoming involved in politics”
Politics, hearing the word makes people cringe, or sigh but politics is here and here to stay. Americans are very passionate about politics, some even died because they thought it was the right thing. Politics is such a large topic that it will take the time to understand everything about politics. What I have done is how I got involved in politics and why it is important to get involved. What I have done to get involved is to get educated in politics, watch politics, watching debates, going to a peaceful protest, getting my friends to vote, and my right to vote in my fire company, while why it’s important to get involved in politics.
A good form of political participation is to get educated into politics. This is currently my seconded class in political science that I have done in the past year. The reason why I’m doing classes for political science is to know more information how government works. My first one I did was terrorism, that class was the hardest class that I have ever done in my college because there was so much information that I needed to know to pass. The next political science class that I enjoy is National politics. I like National politics because in high school you need to know the basics, in college you learn how the basics can go so deep into government. It was very easy to sign up for political science, almost every college offer the class and they are all very informative and would highly recommend on taking…

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