The Politics Of Political Participation Essay

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From sexual assault scandals, leaked state emails, and incivility, the American population has been kept on its toes during what some call the most outrageous presidential election to date. While there are some notable differences in the 2016 election in comparison to previous races, the election is not entirely unique. By analyzing youth political participation, media bias, trends of popular opinion, and electorate expansion, we can observe what’s new and what’s old in the 2016 election and explain some of the occurrences of this presidential race.

Political Participation: Bernie Sanders and the Political Youth Movement
Videos of protesters outside the Democratic National Convention generalized Bernie Sanders’s supporters as unwavering liberals refusing to nominate Hillary Clinton. The passion emitted by Sanders’s supporters led many to believe his campaign was the start of a political revolution. But by analyzing the political participation of his supporters in the public eye in comparison to the general population, we can observe they fail to accurately represent Americans. Although his campaign reached notable milestones, it fell short of a revolution by failing to significantly impact youth political participation.
Political participation refers to the ways people engage in politics, interact with the government, and influence the political sphere (Wilson). This includes both conventional activities such as voting and unconventional forms…

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