Essay about The Politics Of Canada And The Federal System Of Government

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Canada has one of the most highly respected democracies in the world. With democratic systems widely spread throughout the country, the politics of Canada function within a framework of parliamentary democracy and a federal system of government. Canada follows a multi-party system where many of its legislative practices are derived from the United Kingdom’s Westminster Parliament. Canada has three governmental institutions: federal, provincial and municipal. The federal level of government consists of the Prime Minister, the House of Commons, the members of Parliament, and the Senate. The provincial level of government is led by the premier, who elects MPPs to serve as ministers in the cabinet. The municipal level of government provides local governance to towns, cities, and municipalities within the country. Every member of government is elected into their position by winning their local ridings in elections across Canada. The system Canada has put in place seems to be democratic and well-liked, as voter turnout in the 2015 election was the highest it has been since 1968, with a 68.5% voter turnout. At face value, Canada’s democratic regime is highly functioning. However, in Graham White’s journal article entitled “The Centre of Democratic Deficit Power and Influence in Canadian Political Executives,” he exposes the internal flaws of political governance in Canada. The most substantial weakness outlined within the article is the problem of democratic deficit, an issue that…

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