The Political Structures And Cultural Forms Of The Region Essay

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Marlenis Rey
Asia 152: Final Paper
Prompt # 5
Over the past three millennia, the South Asian subcontinent has seen the arrival of various immigrant groups, who have all shaped the political structures and cultural forms of the region in various ways. With this in mind, compare and contrast the belief systems of two or more philosophies or religions that have started in or traveled to South Asia, noting, where relevant, their connections to empire and culture (literature, theater, dance, music, art, and architecture)

The history of South Asia countries have been shaped through centuries by the influence of different immigrant groups such as, Islam including (Sufism as a mystic variant of Islam), and Sikhism. India’s ability to adapt to change and absorb a plethora of internal and external groups made it one of the most unique countries in the world (Middle, 2010). Indian’s people have acquired knowledge from other cultural traditions, but at the same time they have also influenced other cultures. For example, Sikhism as well as Islam has played an important role in the formation of Indian cultural tradition. Moreover, both religions share some beliefs. For example, both religions reject the Hinduism’s caste system and both teach self-discipline.
Some differences are also found between these two religions such as, Islam have the Qur’an as the central book; whereas, Sikhs has a scripture called the Guru Granth Sahib, which is considered the revealed word of…

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