The Political Power Of The State And Its Beliefs Essay

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Schmitt insist that the friend -enemy distinction is the defining feature of the political, and that violence is the mode of preservation for the state and its beliefs.
“Each participant is in a position to judge whether the adversary intends to negate his opponent’s way of life and therefore must be repulsed or fought in order to preserve one’s own form of existence” (Schmitt 1927, 27).

The political exist to justly defend the created political order. A group of people who willingly engage in political life must do so by recognize their moral and political views as being different form others, in that the others or enemies hold such views that the differences are of the utmost degree of intensity and have no means of consolidation. The enemy exists not as a personal confrontation between citizens but as a direct contradiction to the state and its views. “The enemy is not merely any competitor or just any partner of a conflict in general. He is also not the private adversary whom one hates. An enemy exists only when, at least potentially, one fighting collectively of people confronts a similar collectivity. The enemy is solely the public enemy, because everything that has a relationship to such a collectivity of men, particularly to a whole nation, becomes public by virtue of such relationship” (Schmitt 1927, 28).

The distinction of enemy is dependent upon the justification of protection with violence, of the society. Where the security of the individuals need…

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