Essay about The Police Uniform Of Monty Dr And Midland Dr

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On Monday, October 17, 2016, at approximately 1043 hours, I, Officer M. Alfaro was on patrol at the intersection of the 4400 block of Monty Dr and Midland Dr, on my mark patrol vehicle and in standard issue Midland Police uniform when I was flagged down by a female on a white Ford F150.

The female, later identified as Kimberly Lynn Azcarate, DOB: 01/10/1984, TXDL# 33726710, approached my patrol vehicle and stated that she had witness a burglary of a motor vehicle and that the actor, later identified as Paul Charles Jr Neatherlin, DOB: 06/10/1990, TXDL# 23921133, was sitting in a sofa outside the residence located at 4318 Monty Dr. Mrs. Azcarate described Neatherlin as a W/M wearing a red shirt, with blue jeans and cowboy boots.

Mrs. Azcarate stated that she saw Neatherlin walking towards a red older pickup parked in the driveway of 4204 Monty Drive carrying a light brown tool bag. Mrs. Azcarate stated that Neatherlin looked suspicious because he was looking around as to ensure no one was watching him. Mrs. Azcarate said that she approached Neatherlin and asked him a question about a lost dog and that after he responded to her question, Neatherlin walked towards the door of the house and acted like he lives in the house.

Mrs. Azcarate stated that she knows the owner of the house, so she drove by for a second time, but that this time Neatherlin was walking away from the house and that Neatherlin had a black case in his hands along with the brown tool bag.


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