Essay on The Police And Human Rights

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Most countries have police forces, ensuring laws keeping the public peace. In a democratic system of government, the police role is to keep public order without violating a citizen’s civil or human rights. Citizens should never have a reason to doubt the police force, because of respect for the badge and the officer. When a person of color sees the police the response assumed to be one of admiration and respect not fear. This not necessarily the case. Even in a democratic country the police do not always uphold civil liberties and do violate human rights.
Throughout much of U.S. History, the police have been creating fearful environments in many cities when they should be making people feel safe. People of color appear to be the main targets of this violence. Statistics show the fact, for example, “in 2002, thirty-two people were shot to death in questionable circumstances, with 90% of the victims being Black or Hispanic, and over 50% of the shooters being Caucasian. In 2003, seventeen people were shot to death with 90% of the victims being Black or Hispanic” ("Shielded from Justice: Police Brutality and Accountability in the United States."). The history of slavery and oppression in our society has created a false perception of people of color. Often, the police have not seen African-Americans males, as people. They misjudge them because of fear, stereotypes, and history. However, the police officer will not make the same distinction of a white male because white…

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