The Poisonwood Bible By Barbara Kingsolver Essay

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The novel The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver is a wonderful story that depicts the lives of missionaries in the Congo. The Price’s, who are staying in a small village, illustrates the hardships and joys the African desert can bring. Each daughter teaches a lesson while their mother, Orleanna acts as a comprehensive voice. One of the main aspects of this book is women. The storyline battles with misogyny and the patriarchy that defines their societal norms. The women have a strong connection to the land both literally, and figuratively. The women of Kalinga’s defeats are often overshadowed by the wonders of womanhood. Together the Price’s and the Congolese women navigate the sexist era that is the sixties. Throughout history women have most often been seen as lesser than their male counterparts; whether that is in the workplace, society or their own homes. Kingsolver speaks to the inequality that plagues this era. Women in Kilanga are the very glue that holds the village together. They bear the children, raise the children, attend to their husbands, feed their family, butcher their livestock, and maintain some level of cleanliness. However, they are scantily recognized. Leah Price stated, “Congolese men didn 't treat their own wives and daughters as if they were very sensible or important. Though as far as I could see the wives and daughters did just about all the work” (Kingsolver, p. 229). Nathan Price often neglected to offer any assistance in the Price…

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