The Poem ' The Negro Mother ' By Langston Hughes Essay

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The Best Poem In the World
The Negro Mother by Langston Hughes is a very passionate poem about a mother explaining to her child the story of her escaping slavery and becoming free. I choose this poem because though I cannot connect with it on a personal level, the theme to never give and always keep fighting no matter what the circumstance up is so inspirering and powerful. This poems beauty and intensity can also be applied to everyday life with the message it sends. As someone who normally does not like poetry I thought this poem was beautiful and really spoke to me. I really did enjoy reading it.

The Negro Mother has rhyme and meter and rhymes at every end of the line. This poem is written as a mother telling a message to her child or children and with the rhyme and meter the poem can be read as almost long a song or a song that a mother would sing to her child. Poets use rhyme and meter and make their poems catchier and draw a reader into them so they will be interested and want to continue reading. Also Rhyme and meter can be used to create effects in the poem, for example as i stated before the rhyming in this poem is like a song that a mother would sing to her child.

Throughout this poem there is a decent amount of imagery. For example the simile “God put a dream like steel in my soul.” (17) . Similes compare two unrelated things so the reader will understand deeper meaning of a simple sentence. In this case the poet says how the woman’s dreams were set like steel…

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