The Play Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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The play of Hamlet by William Shakespeare is about a young man from Denmark who struggles with the death of the father. The character of Hamlet seeks revenge for his loss which leads to many tragedies and deaths. Shakespeare believes that humans must balance their thoughts and actions to lead successful lives. Shakespeare develops this idea through his development of characters and imagery.
Shakespeare uses words from nature like rot and contagion as proof that human actions have value and are not pointless. At one point in the play, the character of Hamlet says “ ‘Tis an unweeded garden/ That grows to seed; things rank and gross in nature/ possess it merely” (p11). Beauty and potential is spoiled by laziness and this beauty deserves it time it needs to be physically worked at. Shakespeare was trying to show how something that has the potential to be beautiful is ugly and rotten because no one takes the time to work at it. Indeed, human actions are not pointless but, have great power behind them. The idea of importance behind human action is also seen when Laertes talks to Ophelia, he says “ Too oft before their buttons be disclosed,/ And in the mourn and liquid dew of youth/ Contagious blastments are most imminent” (p16). His reference to contagion and the spoiling of youth and beauty is also relevant to ugliness .The point of these lines is to show how the ugliness and terrible things often go to the most beautiful beings in life. Laertes is saying that if Ophelia lets…

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