The Place That I Call Home Essay

1008 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 null Page
1434 E 19th St, the place that I call home. The place where I was raised in since birth until I was fifteen. The yellow brick house with three yards, in which all my cousins and I would play and run on. The place where we had the friendliest neighbors who would share their firework with us on the fourth of July and then have competitions with the neighbors across the street. This house was my entire childhood. So many memories and stories with every part of the house. Even though I stopped living in that house about three years ago I still call it home. I always stop by at least one or two times a month and just look at the house; and reminisce my childhood because those were the best years. The best years that I would love to go back to and just freeze time to be living them for longer. The yellow brick house was my grandmas house. Since we lived with my grandma, (my mom and brother) we always had a lot of family members come and visit. My grandma had a total of 7 kids, so I have a big family. All my cousins and I were around the same age group, just that I was a year or two older than them. They would always come over and we would play so many games. We would always host birthday parties or holiday parties at grandmas just because the house was so big. The house had two average size yards and one large one that was both of the average ones combined. The front yard was mainly empty besides the front boarder of the house there was a small flower garden.…

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