The Pitfalls Of Locked Hearing Aids Essay

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The Pitfalls of “Locked Hearing Aids:” Doug’s Story

With hearing aid dealers popping up on nearly every corner, many patients (and their families) aren’t aware of the common pitfalls they can encounter when making their selection of hearing aid dealer or audiologist.

Doug, a Raleigh resident and patient of Now Hear This®, shares his story:

“I bought my first pair of hearing aids in 2007 from a Starkey dealer in Nashville, TN. A few years later, my wife and I relocated to Raleigh to retire. Soon after, I wasn’t hearing as well as I thought I should, so my physician referred me to Now Hear This®. He had heard they had specialized equipment that could readjust existing hearing aids. Unfortunately, when I went to Now Hear This® in April 2015, I discovered my hearing aids were locked by my previous provider, with the intent of no being able to readjust them without returning to the original provider. How ludicrous! I should have a choice of where to have my hearing aids serviced.

Not knowing where to go, I went to another Starkey dealer in Knightdale to service my hearing aids. Because she was not an audiologist, she didn’t have adequate training and never could adjust them just right. However, since I had entered into a year-long contract, I kept making the inconvenient trip to Knightdale to have them serviced and cleaned.

When the year was finally up, I decided to pursue getting my hearing aids unlocked so I could go to Now Hear This®. I called the dealer in…

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