The Pinkerton Agency During The 1850 ' S Essay

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Introduction Mister Allan Pinkerton founded the Pinkerton Agency in the 1850’s; we will take a look at the various aspects of the business in the past and the present. The business created by Mr. Pinkerton has been an important addition to the private security and public safety worlds. Many of the fundamental business ideals that Mr. Pinkerton began his company with still stand true for his business even today. While some of the tactics have changed over time, the company still continues to hone its’ skills for protecting people and their assets. The Pinkerton Agency was founded in the 1850’s by Allan Pinkerton who originally emigrated to the United States of America from Scotland, Mr. Pinkerton created the company at a time when crime was running rampant as the United States continued its’ quest in establishing the western territory. The need for some kind of security or law and order was necessary at the time and the private security sector at the time was more reliable than the public safety administrations of the time. Around the time that the Pinkerton Agency was created, the railroad was being established across the United States. With the goods and money that was traveling across the country came the possibility of outlaws trying to rob the trains. Some railroad companies employed the Pinkerton Agency to help protect the railroad personnel and the goods. As the agency grew, a code of ethics, known as the Pinkerton Code, was established for the detectives working…

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