The Pima Indians Essay

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In recent decades, high blood sugar and obesity rates dramatically increased in the United States compared to other parts of the world. The increased rate of these health problems will severely limit American vitality and way of life. In 2002, President Bush signed a $190 billion bill that would make tax payers to pay farmers an accumulated 4 million dollars a year to grow more corn. Accompanying the bill, Congress also decided to subsidize bushels of corn so American production of corn remains stable. Prior to the subsidy of corn, the United States amassed a large supply of corn due to overproduction as evident by the failure of prohibition in the 1920s as well as the creation of corn sweeteners. The synthesized sweeteners create a harming effect on the human body.
The amount of sweeteners and sugars consumed by the American public dramatically increased due to the rise of manufactured goods and products. The urgency of the problem is similarly to that of the Pima Indians in Arizona. The Pima Indians is a tribe that primarily relied upon farming for means of food .However, the united states government allowed the formation of The Coolidge Dam, a dam that would mainly send water to Phoenix for expansion of the future capital. As a result, the Pima Indians were void of a sufficient water source for their crops and became malnourished and in poverty. In response, the federal government sent subsidized foods to the Pima Indians. However, the subsidized food was filled with…

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