Essay about The Pilot Episode Of American Horror Story

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RIP Essay: American Horror Story
In the television show review of the Pilot episode of American Horror Story called an AMERICAN HORROR STORY: AN EMOTIONAL DRAMA WITH UNEXPECTED TWISTS THROUGH THE PSYCHOLOGY OF WOMEN, by Cristal Oliveros, I tried convince my audience how the show can be seen as a Drama even though it is considered a Female Gothic. I did this by comparing the Drama genre to some of the scenes in this first episode of American Horror Story that enable the show be considered a Female Gothic. This enabled my audience, who are people who would typically seek Dramas, to branch out of that genre and try something new.
The first thing I tried to do was to address people who would typically seek Dramas by asking “Looking for a Drama filled, love story with an unexpected twist and a happy ending?”. This already automatically let my reader know that my audience was someone watches Dramas. Although the Female Gothic sub-genre is a darker genre, this episode can still be seen as a Drama. For example, in one of the scenes the husband, Ben, almost cheats on his wife for the second time with their maid. Infidelity is something that is often seen in Dramas. But, the way that it can be seen from the Female Gothic perspective is because Ben’s sees her as a young seductive maid. But, to Vivien the maid appears to be an old lady. Something supernatural is occurring in the house so that when Ben sees the maid in comparison to when Vivien sees her. It is ambiguous as to what is…

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