Essay on The Physiological Effects Of Technology Has On Us

1592 Words Dec 7th, 2016 7 Pages
We’ve grown up with mobile phones, in the middle of the never ending consumer battles between big companies like Apple and Microsoft. Because this is our reality we need to be informed about the physiological effects technology has on us. That being said, we can’t entirely change ourselves, but we can be more conscious about how our thinking has developed and understand how we can improve as individuals with technology.

I recently read a research paper by Katherine N. Hayles proclaiming that our generation has experienced a shift in our cognitive abilities from a traditional deep-attention style to a modern hyper-attention style. She argues that this has challenged our abilities to perform at all educational levels. And after silently observing our college community here at UCLA, I can affirm Hayles’ claim to be accurate, but also based on my observations, I’d also argue that our social abilities are challenged because of our hyper-attention.

First off, do you think Hayles is correct about how we have a low-tolerance for boredom and prefer multiple streams of information, rather than a high-tolerance for boredom and prefer one stream of information? Looking into the audience and seeing a few of you on your phone is pure evidence that we indeed are low-tolerant to boredom. Most of our mobile devices just require your thumb for them to unlock making it very easy to access multiple streams of information that we find much more pleasing than whatever else we’re doing. And…

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